National Security – The UK’s proposed new national security regime – friend or foe? (April 2021)

Spring 2021 Series

Many governments around the world have turned their attention to the perceived threat of hostile investors owning or controlling critical businesses or infrastructure which have national security implications. The UK Government is following this trend and its National Security and Investment Bill is currently making its way through the legislative process. It will provide the UK Government with wide powers to scrutinise and intervene in investments to protect the UK’s national security. Our panel – Mark Fisher, Chandra Ghosh, Daniel Harrison, Praveen Jagadish and Lindsay Mann – reviewed the UK Government’s proposed new powers and assessed their potential to impact a wide variety of investments and financing transactions.

To access a recording of this session, please click on the CC iPlayer above (also accessible on smart phones and tablets). If you are on Internet Explorer and are experiencing access issues with this recording, please either try another browser or contact Elle Morris for a link.


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