Warsaw Perspectives Series 2023-2024: Anomalies in restructurings to keep in mind (November 2023)

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During this meeting, we presented examples of circumstances constituting unexpected deviations from the norm – the proper course of restructuring processes – concerning restructuring proceedings. However, such anomalies can often be encountered in practice and for this reason they should be kept in mind when considering the structure and specific solutions used in a restructuring transaction. We highlighted the practical problems that may be associated with choosing a particular path for conducting a restructuring transaction and indicate the most common reasons for an unsuccessful restructuring. The above aimed at indicating the circumstances that are worth avoiding or paying attention to from the very beginning of the structuring of the restructuring process.

To access a recording of this session, please click on the CC iPlayer above. If you are on Internet Explorer and are experiencing access issues with this recording, please either try another browser or contact Christine Le Goff for a link.


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